Next time you feel a whopping headache coming on, slather on a little mint-infused menthol gel across the back of your neck, behind your ears, and on your forehead.  The trick worked wonders for migraine sufferers in a study at Thomas Jefferson University: 52 percent said their symptoms improved within two hours, and 28 percent reported that their headaches vanished.  “Even topically, menthol appears to stimulate nerves that communicate with the brain to ease pain,” explains study author Stephen Silberstein, Ph.D.  The researchers used a 6 percent menthol gel called Stopain ($6,


Reference:  Shape Magazine pg. 30  3/2016


Here’s news that will make you roll over:  The position in which you log your zzz’s could keep your brain healthier, according to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience. Reseachers found that animals that snoozed on their right side cleared more amyloid beta- a toxic compound that damages neurons and increases your risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease-from their brains than those dozing on their stomachs or backs.  Scientists believe that right-side sleeping optimizes your glymphatic system, which acts as the brain’s plumbing, and that having your heart slightly elevated helps it pump a little harder to clear waste faster.


Reference:  SHAPE MAGAZINE pg. 30  3/2016