CHECK IT OUT!  Ingredients in yogurts can differ significantly.

Choosing a healthful yogurt is not very straightforward with the seemingly endless options at the supermarket.  Many are laden with excess sugars and other undesirable ingredients.  Here’s what to watch out for, according to the experts at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter:

SPOONFULS OF SUGAR Yogurt naturally contains the milk sugar lactose, but many have added sweeteners.  A single 6-ounce serving of sweetened yogurt has about 18 grams of added sugar- more than 4 teaspoons- making it a big source of empty calories.

THE FAT FACTS Low-fat and nonfat yogurts have less fat, but they aren’t necessarily lower in sugar.  In fact, some have as many calories as full-fat yogurts due to added sugars.

BOTTOM LINE Look for labels with a short list of ingredients.  Milk and live cultures are all you really need.  Add your own fruit or a touch of honey, maple syrup or other sweetener to plain yogurt to cut sugar.

reference:  THE DIABETES FOCUS MAGAZINE   pg.6, summer 2016