Services at your Hendersonville Health Mart


We offer a variety of services to meet our customer's ever-changing needs, including:


$4 Prescription Program for 30 days on many generic drugs
  Fast & Efficient one-on-one services
3rd party insurance plans accepted
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Prescription Flavoring
Local Area Delivery (limited)
Prescription Autofill
Special Prescription Packaging for Seniors
Diabetes Care Center


Compounding is the combining or altering of ingredients by a pharmacist, in response to a licensed practitionerís prescription, to produce a drug tailored to an individual patientís special medical needs. In its simplest form, traditional compounding may involve reformulating a drug, for example, by removing a dye or preservative in response to a patient allergy. The FDA believes that pharmacists engaging in traditional compounding provide a valuable medical service that is important to patient health.

Your Hendersonville Health Mart Pharmacists have the ability to compound most meds to different strengths that are not commercially available on the market.   For example:  Antibiotics changed from a pill form to a liquid form. We also offer compounding for your pet and can flavor their medications appropriately.

What makes us Hendersonville's Preferred Pharmacy?

The Health Mart Pledge:


We are your locally owned Health Mart pharmacy here to serve you. As a Health Mart pharmacy we know there's nothing more important than your family's well being, which is why we strive to provide personalized care to help you and your family with your healthcare decisions.

Care, quality, value, expertise, and dedication - at Health Mart we pledge to:


1. Care for you like a member of our very own family.
2. Always offer the highest quality products and service.
3. Provide you with exceptional everyday value.
4. Deliver leading-edge knowledge and expertise.
5. Dedicate ourselves to being there in your times of need.

Specially Formulated Hormones
We specialize in compounding BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy). We are proud to offer same-day compounding!
Custom-Flavored Medications
We can custom-flavor many of our liquid medications to a wide variety of flavor choices! Cherry, Chocolate Mousse, Root Beer, Lime Pie and Strawberry are just a few of the dozens of flavors available.

Customized Antibiotic Strengths
Customized antibiotic strengths means that we have the ability to customize a special strength of certain antibiotics that are not currently on the market.



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